Essays on beat air pollution

Essays on beat air pollution

Essay on Air Pollution! These essays will also guide you to learn about the causes, effects and prevention of air pollution. Air pollution is the process of releasing any toxic particles into the air that lowers its quality. The presence of harmful chemicals and other substances in the air, which lead to various types of damage to living beings and other flora and fauna is called air pollution. The essays for the students, prepared by us will be able to provide an insight into this issue.

Moreover, the essays are written in simple language which will be beneficial for students of all classes. Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for kids, children and school students Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Air Pollution is the presence of hazardous and harmful chemicals and gases in the air that makes the atmospheric air unfit for routine purposes by plants and animals.

The changes, which can be physical, chemical or biological, in the nature of the air, deteriorate the quality of the biotic lives in the environment. There are many causes of air pollution. The human activities are the first and the only cause of environmental pollution of any form.

Anything that we do by burning of any material, be it household items or the industrial chemicals, release harmful gases causing air pollution. The road traffic that produces a large amount of dust, the usage of refrigerators and coolers that release hydrofluorocarbons into the atmosphere cause air pollution. Another major source of air pollution is the industries. Air pollution causes respiratory problems, cancers, and cardiovascular problems in humans. Children can suffer from diseases like pneumonia and asthma.

The environment suffers global warming because of which there are climatic alterations and weather change. Acid rain is another effect due to which the agricultural lands lose their fertility. Animals as well face the brunt of air pollution and they shift their habitats from one place to other causing disturbances in the ecosystems. There are many attempts made at various levels in society to curb the causes of air pollution. Let us also be responsible for maintaining a safe environment.

These toxic particles are called pollutants.

10 ways to beat air pollution: how effective are they?

Some of them are natural, such as dirt, pollens, fog, sand, volcanic eruptions, etc. Whereas the examples of the man-made pollutants are smokes from industries and vehicles, combustion gases, chlorofluorocarbons CFC from refrigerators, burning of coals, oils, and other fossil fuels, etc.We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

Views Essay, Pages 2 words. Air pollution is an issue of concern to the world. Pollution in our environment will undoubtedly affect our quality of life and it can also cause various health problems and other negative effects.

As a result, we want to find way out. Three simple solutions to reduce air pollution such as reducing the using of vehicles, cutting down the using of machineries and planting trees. The first necessary way to solve this problem is to cutting down the using of machineries. Get a verified writer to help you with? How to Reduce Air Pollution. We should try to use more human labor rather than machines in production or farming activities.

For instance, people in our country can use handy craft products and do their farm by the human being like doing farm in a traditional way without using any kind of tractors. Furthermore, for the products which are made by machines, such as paper, bottles, cans, or plastic bags, we should re-use and recycle them as possible as we can instead of producing more products. The second way to solve this problem is to reduce the using of vehicles. People should change from travel by their own car or motorbike to travel by public transportation such as taxies, buses, or trains.

When we can cut down the amount of cars or motorbikes on the street, the amount of CO2 also decrease and we can save our air. Moreover, you will save money while you do your segment to reduce air pollution.

Verified writer. The third way we have to do is planting trees. Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, cleaning up air pollution every day, so we have to reduce cutting down of it.

In addition, the trees help cool neighborhoods to create less need for air conditioning. In conclusion, we must work together to reduce pollution so that the future generations can live in a healthy, unpolluted environment. Accessed December 19, Great things take some time.Air and air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Air and air pollution can cause from car emission, chemical, dust, air planes, and pollen.

What cause the air to be bad pollution is factories machines and energy that everyone is using. Air can be fresh and bad air depend on the work that we do. The solution that cause and effect the air to be bad is that the gases of the car, planes, chemical gases, and factories makes the air to be bad because the person that is doing.

Air Pollution Air pollutions is a major problem across the united states and around the world. It is also probably the most serious environmental problems today.

essays on beat air pollution

The term air pollution is just kind of tossed around and not taken as serious anymore although its effects are becoming greater. Air Pollution is toxic chemicals in the air, that can also be compounds and they are extreme enough to cause health risks.

Frank This is damaging the ozone layer and creating global warming. One of the main. Air Pollution today has lead CDC's fight against environmental -related respiratory illness, including asthma. An estimated number of 6. According to the World Energy Outlook and the IEA estimate that death due to household air pollution in Africa may decrease by ,00 to However, due to economic growth, urbanization and automobile emissions, outdoor air pollution may rise from. Growing Diseases Related to Air Pollution-Vivian Qiu On October 27,in Donora, Pennsylvania, an area where a daily fog of zinc and steel plants is normal, an abnormally sooty haze came into the town.

This resulted in a third of the population falling ill and 20 people dead, a following 50 in later months. The US government after this tragedy, tighten the restrictions on industries that release pollution in the air.

essays on beat air pollution

The emissions of six common air pollutants have dropped 70 percent since the. Demolition and Construction sites are bad when it comes to the control of particulates causing an increase in air pollution.

The particulates can be emitted by the process of knocking down or disturbing the building letting the particulate free and get into the air reducing the quality.

If the workers do not manage what they are doing correctly, it can have harmful impacts on not only their health but the communities and the environment. At times enforcing the laws and good practice can be expensive. Introduction Pollution threatens public health; In an upcoming report by the Global Commission on Pollution and Health, pollution is the leading cause of human disability and death.

Essay on Air Pollution

In Illinois, Chicago is one of the Metropolitan area affected by air pollution. Moreover, smog and other toxic air pollutants generated from burning fossil fuels have caused a rise in respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

This essay will examine the main air pollutants and their causes in Illinois and how they compare. Air Pollution emissions have been a leading threat to the world, as the world has become more and more industrialized over the past century.

However, many fail to realize the threat that air pollution emissions pose to human health.

?How to Reduce Air Pollution

As humans continue to buy gasoline for the excessive amount of cars that are driven on a daily basis, create waste from factories, using coal and biomass fuels to power their daily lives, they will continue to put their own health at risk.

China, a developing country.Haven't found the right essay? Get an expert to write your essay! Get your paper now. Professional writers and researchers. Sources and citation are provided. Essays on Air Pollution. Air pollution is a problem that greatly affects those living in large, urban centers and the Third World. Those affected by poor air quality can develop serious breathing and health problems such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and even emphysema.

Many scientists believe that by reducing emissions from factories and vehicles, air quality can be improved, which will result in reduced health problems and an overall higher standard of living. If you are studying environmental sciences, you will most likely have to address the problem of air pollution in your writing. This is why you should read our essays about air pollution. These papers, with their excellently written introductory and concluding paragraphs, can serve as examples for your essay.


Air pollution is known as the presence of toxic chemicals or compoundsincluding those of biological origin in Air Pollution Oxygen 2 Pages. Air is the ocean we breathe, air supplies us with oxygen which is essential for our bodies to live. However, human activities can release particles into the air, of which can cause problems such as smog, acid rain, the greenhouse effect, and holes in the Air Pollution 1 Page. The proliferation of air pollution threatens public health and is a tremendous threat to the health of people living in remote areas as well as This news is definitely not a surprise to many of us as it has become rather common to look up the Air Pollution 3 Pages.

Introduction A long journey starts with a single step.Air pollution refers to the contamination of atmospheric air due to the presence of some substances and gases from anthropogenic or natural sources which have harmful and poisonous effects. Day by day the fresh air of the environment is getting polluted because of the mixing of particulates, biological molecules, and other harmful materials.

Such polluted air is causing health problems, diseases and death. Air pollution is one of the most important environmental issues which requires to be noticed and solved by the efforts of all of us. In order to increase awareness among students about this issue, Air Pollution Essay has become an important topic for the essay writing competition.

So, students you are at right place, just go ahead.

essays on beat air pollution

Such Essay on Air Pollution will help you to win essay writing competition because all are written in very simple English language using easy words.

Air pollution is a most serious problem of the current time all over the world especially in the large cities because of the huge level of industrialization. The release of such air pollutants in heavy concentrations such as smog, particulates, solid materials, etc are getting settled over the city, causing air pollution and health hazards to the people. Lots of dirty wastes produced by people on daily basis especially in the big cities polluting the whole atmospheric air to a great extent.

The release of gaseous pollutants from burning fuel of motor vehicles, industrial processes, burning of garbage, etc are contributing to the air pollution. Some natural pollutants like pollen, dust, soil particles, natural gases, etc are also the source of air pollution. Air pollution is the mixing of any harmful substances to the atmosphere fresh air causing huge level of damages, human health disorders, reducing the quality of life, etc.

Air pollution is increasing day by day because of the increasing number of industries.

essays on beat air pollution

Such polluted air never remains at one place however spread to whole environment and affecting the lives of the people all through the world.

Death rates of the human beings have been increased because of increased variety of diseases. The polluted air we breathe every moment causing lungs disorders and even lung cancer thus affecting the health of other body organs.

Air pollution is continuously damaging the whole ecological system and affecting the lives of plants and animals as well. It has reached to the critical stage and affecting the whole atmosphere by allowing more harmful radiations from the sun to the earth.

Again polluted air acts as a better insulator which prevents heat to get escaped back into the space. Air pollution is one of the main environmental issues nowadays.

There are many reasons behind regularly increasing this air pollution. Most of the air pollution is caused by the automobiles, transport means, industrialization, growing cities, etc. The release of several harmful gases or dangerous elements from such sources is causing the whole atmospheric air pollution. Ozone layer is also getting affected too much by the air pollution which causes serious disturbances to the environment.

Increasing need of the ever growing human population is main cause of pollution. Daily human being activities causing dangerous chemicals to release, making atmosphere dirtier than ever and forcing the climate change negatively. Industrialization process releases many harmful gases, particles, paint and batteries contains lead, cigarettes releases carbon monoxide, transport means releases CO2 and other toxic substances to the atmosphere.

All the pollutants are being in contact with the atmosphere, destroying the ozone layer and calling harmful rays of sun to the earth.Tackling the causes of air pollution has been on of the themes of our special focus this week, The Air We Breathe. But in the short term, what about the symptoms?

We examined some of the most common solutions to see if the claims they make are anything more than hot air. As for more sophisticated anti-pollution masks?

Nitrogen dioxide can pass right through. These come in all sizes — from take-out coffee cup to big industrial-looking drums.

A home might cover hundreds of cubic metres, and in most houses the air is completely renewed every hour. A frequent complaint about the plug-in machines — which have become common domestic appliances in China — is their size.

Mark Jacobsondirector of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University, has an even more fundamental problem with the growing adoption of personal purifiers.

People should not have to breathe through an air filter their entire life. Their filters have a tough job. As well as most particulates, filters in modern cars should catch noxious gases such as nitrogen dioxide with charcoal. But performance will vary and filters become less effective with use — so they need replacing around every six months. Air-purifying bus shelters and street furniture are being developed, some using filters and others with added oxidationwhich turns gases into dust.

Lewis sees more gains to be had by cleaning the air in offices and other workplaces than on the streets. Trees offer the advantage of closing off the area from polluted air above. And tall trees are helpful near motorways because they produce turbulence that helps traffic pollution disperse. Their success, however, will depend on many factors. So it might be an expensive solution. Lewis co-authored an article in the scientific journal Nature last year, warning about the proliferation of unregulated, affordable air quality sensors.

Lewis advises against making health decisions based upon personal monitor readings. The most accurate guide to air quality in your home is to keep track of your local outdoor readings and to keep a close eye on possible internal sources of pollution. Good ventilation, dry fuel and high temperatures are essential for clean burning, while swept and lined chimneys provide further protection.Let us take a nice look to talk about what the air pollution?

I mean the reality is that the issue of air pollution control needs is something that we all are well aware of. But are we facing the exact way that we have to prevent it? Really, its a major problem to the whole of the continent and it can cause global warming to all over the world. There are three steps that we have to take to solve this air pollution problems: recycling, saving energy and placing factories outside of the city.

Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce air pollution. The first step we need to take is that we have to pro duce less to conserve mor energy.

So we have to put containers to every were possible and we have to show the others who do this by consciously. These materials include spray paints, pesticides, glues, permanent markers, etc.

Instead of going for materials that contain VOCs, we have to go to the products that contain water as basically or have low levels of VOCs. Second step that we can prevent air pollution is saving energy. Hire a subject expert to help you with How to Prevent Air Pollution.

Surely, how much energy we save, reduces the amount of air pollution in the air. In order to save electricity, we to take small steps like using fans instead of air conditioners, turn off electrical appliances when we leave a room, replace our incandescent lights with fluorescent lights, use solar energy, use a microwave to heat up small meals than burning the gas stove, purchase energy saving appliances, and so on.

Also, there is another step that we can save energy to reduce air polution. For example when we are driving, we to take these steps like obeying the speed limit, replacing our car's air filter on time, accelerating gradually, keeping our tires inflated properly, buying cars that are designed to emit low pollution.

The last step is that we have to locate factories outside of the cities. As we all are well aware of, factories produce a lot of carbon dioxide which is very dangerous to the hole global. The reality is that we need them because they are necesary to our lives.

But the only way we can reduce their harmfulness is that we have to make them outside of the cities. Also, we have stop doing same factories which are same work if there are enough factories that can do the job as much as we need.

Because building same factories will only increase the emissions. In conclusion, we have to take these above steps to prevent this global problem which is air pollution. Actually no matter where you live, air is that one element that will always be around you.


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