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Article today map

We have been geolocating world news since November By default, today news are displayed. Use the navigation bar to select the day you would like to return to. The countries are differentiated by colour. Click a marker to see news of December 18th that are related to a particular country. For two years, the group allegedly received 90kg lbs of cannabis and 2kg of cocaine a week. The agency is responsible for managing nuclear weapons, but said their security was not affected.

Four men charged with rape and murder of year-old Dalit woman, in case that outraged India. The suspects posed as airline pilots and oil engineers to persuade women to part with their money. Italy's PM wins the release of 18 fishermen based in Sicily who have been detained since September. Heavy snow has left drivers stranded on a highway in Japan, some of them since Wednesday night. Officials pledge to move quickly to approve the Moderna vaccine after it is endorsed by an expert panel.

A recent report said China's Alibaba's facial recognition technology can pick out Uighur minorities. Xiao Juan is the first pop song in China to openly discuss the sensitive topic of domestic violence. US states accuse Google of unfairly abusing monopolies to dominate new tech like voice assistants. India's vaccination programme aims to reach million people by early August.

Inthe US banned alcohol but bootleggers went to extraordinary lengths to hide the illicit goods. Swiss leaders decide on Friday whether to impose tougher measures, as deaths reach a day.

This content is from the BBC News website. Date and time information is related to GMT. Unfortunately we can not offer RSS feed of this site with geographically sorted world news. However, you can add this page to your favourites or set it as your homepage to see what's new in the world when you start browsing.The Pittsburgh Steelers have an easy on-paper matchup in Week 11 to stay undefeated, but the Jacksonville Jaguars proved a week ago they're not to be taken lightly.

For much of Week 10, the Jaguars had the Packers on the ropes before Green Bay eventually pulled away to win. Pittsburgh enters a 1 p. ET game on CBS as the obvious favorite, but despite the Steelers' quest to move toonly a small portion of the country will see the game based on this week's coverage map. Fans in and around Pittsburgh will certainly be watching in the hopes that Minkah Fitzpatrick and T.

Watt can put together huge days against a questionable Jacksonville offense led by running back James Robinson. ET on Nov. The Steelers vs. If you're outside of a dark blue region, this is the game you'll see on CBS on Sunday in the late-afternoon window:. Jaguars game will be broadcast on CBS in some regions throughout the country, denoted in dark blue in the map above. Some of the major metropolitan areas that will carry Pittsburgh-Jacksonville include those two cities and Raleigh, Charleston, Savannah, Albany, and Tampa.

If you're unsure which of your local channels is CBS, specific channel number information for your locality can be found here. If you live outside the desired area on the coverage map above, there are other legal ways to watch NFL games while out of market.

More information on that package is here. More information on that subscription process is here. Viewers can also subscribe to NFL Game Passwhich has full access to a replay of the game soon after the live broadcast ends.

Map: Where PG&E power outages are happening now

Jaguars v Steelers. American Football. Fox, fuboTV Steelers at Jaguars 1 p. Fox, fuboTV Lions at Panthers 1 p. Fox, fuboTV Titans at Ravens 1 p. Fox, fuboTV Packers at Colts p. Fox, fuboTV Chiefs at Raiders p. NBC, fuboTV. Fantasy 14m ago. Fantasy 38m ago. Fantasy 44m ago. Fantasy 48m ago. Fantasy 49m ago.In others, your odds of seeing many maskless people are quite high. Public health officials believe that face coverings can substantially slow transmission of the coronavirus, which is spreading rapidly in many states.

But face coverings work best if they are adopted widely, and that is not the case everywhere. The accompanying map shows the odds of whether, if you encountered five people in a given area, all of them would be wearing masks.

Our data comes from a large number of interviews conducted by the global data and survey firm Dynata at the request of The New York Times. The firm asked a question about mask use to obtainsurvey responses between July 2 and July 14, enough data to provide estimates more detailed than the state level. Several states have imposed new mask requirements since the completion of these interviews. The map shows broad regional patterns: Mask use is high in the Northeast and the West, and lower in the Plains and parts of the South.

But it also shows many fine-grained local differences. Masks are widely worn in the District of Columbia, but there are sections of the suburbs in both Maryland and Virginia where norms seem to be different. In St. Louis and its western suburbs, mask use seems to be high. But across the Missouri River, it falls. Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia, recently barred local governments in the state from requiring mask use, but on Friday he urged residents to wear them anyway.

In many parts of Georgia, seeing unmasked people is common, but mask use is very high in the area around the city of Albany, where there was an early and intense outbreak of coronavirus. These variations reflect differences in disease risk and politics, but they also may reflect some local idiosyncrasies. Elizabeth Dorrance Hall, an assistant professor of communications at Michigan State University, said mask behavior can be subject to a kind of peer pressure: If most everyone is wearing one, reluctant people may go along.

If few people are, that can influence behavior, too. Such dynamics can shape the behavior of friends, neighbors and communities. Despite these variations, and despite the flare-ups over the issue that pepper social media, the rates of self-reported mask use in the United States are high.

Several national surveys in recent weeks have found that around 80 percent of Americans say they wear masks frequently or always when they expect to be within six feet of other people.

That number falls short of the sort of universal masking many public health officials have asked for, but it is higher than the rates of mask use in several other countries, including Canada, Finland and Denmark, according to a recent survey from YouGov.

Achieving universal adoption of public health recommendations is hard. In the United States today, not everyone wears a seatbelt when driving; not everyone wears a helmet when bicycling; not everyone uses a condom when having sex with a new partner; and not every child receives recommended vaccines. Still, some countries are clearly getting closer to universal mask use than the United States, suggesting there is room for improvement.The numbers on this page are based on the latest statistics available, and are likely far lower than the actual number of cases due to limited testing.

Here's the situation as it stands:.

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But in recent weeks, there has been a new surge of cases across the country. Earlier in the year, New York had the largest number of cumulative cases. But by summer, spread of the disease slowed there while transmission increased in other states.

How Leonardo da Vinci made a \

Now, the number of cases is accelerating in almost every state. Toggle the map below between cumulative totals and data from the last seven days to get a picture of where the virus is spreading. Some states that are now experiencing rapid growth of confirmed COVID cases were not among those that experienced large outbreaks earlier in the year.

Here are the states where case numbers grew the fastest during the past seven days compared to the preceding week:. Each state has declared the coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency, and many implemented restrictions on travel, business and public gatherings.

US coronavirus map: Tracking the outbreak

Most states began easing or lifting those restrictions in the summer, despite the fact that case trends were on the rise in many places. Coronavirus reopening: See case trends, reopening status and mobility by state. The number of new cases in the U. The nation became the epicenter of the global pandemic in the spring, when case totals eclipsed those of other countries experiencing similar outbreaks.

Currently, the U. You can search the latest totals for all states below. Be sure to check back each day to see the latest news. It's important to understand that the numbers reported by agencies and officials don't paint a complete picture of the pandemic. Because COVID can have mild symptoms or even none at all, many people with the disease are unaware they have it. Others may have symptoms, but be unable to access testing near them.

We fix these as soon as possible. What to stock up on for coronavirus : Home quarantine shopping list. What to do to prevent coronavirus : 20 seconds of proper hand-washing.

How coronavirus spreads: At dinner, at the market, during worship, at work. When will the vaccine be ready? At least months.

Coronavirus explained: Why tracking the deadly disease is a huge challenge. Coronavirus has spread from Wuhan, China, to countries across the world.

But how do you know you have it? Here are some signs to watch out for.There's still another epidemic, and it killed 41, Americans this year. Manufacturers want to come home to America. Can they? What you need to know about the federal cyber hack. Trump on track for fewest pardons in years. Biden team cries foul on Pentagon talks; vaccinations on the Hill start - live updates.

Man rescued after 10 hours in car without heat - under 4…. Penney is closing more stores. See the list. Romney slams White House 'silence and inaction'… 'I didn't feel a thing. Can… Do you have enough funds to last you through… The dark side of debit cards Target announces Christmas Eve ordering deadline More in Money.

Companies push reskilling efforts to help… PlayStation, Xbox stores to give refunds for… US under cyber attack believed to be tied to… 'Among Us' coming to Xbox consoles in More in Tech.

What snow days teach kids Bleak movie ballad resonates for Christmas… Republicans are the real socialist party in… Holiday guilt never ends: Today's Toon More in Opinion. Native Americans praise historic choice to have Haaland lead Interior.Googling something was all we once did with Google.

Now we spend hours a day using its maps, videos, security cameras, email, smartphones and more. A project from the Graphics desk wanted to find out if the color in your neighborhood, as seen from above, might indicate how you voted. Think of the gray sidewalks of Democratic-leaning New York City, or the endless stretch of green fields in Kansas.

By Tim Wallace and Krishna Karra. Apple and Google have added handy features for these uncertain times. Nearly twice as many properties may be susceptible to flood damage than previously thought, according to a new effort to map the danger.

A recent expedition to the inky depths of the Coral Sea revealed an unknown world of creatures and geologic features. Scientists are hard at work recalibrating where and how the nation physically sits on the planet. Latest Search Search. Clear this text input. By Brian X. Read in English. By Christina Goldbaum.

article today map

By Will Dudding. By Sarah Bahr. By William J. By Alanna Mitchell.For instance, our followers seem to be most active on Sunday and from about 9 pm to 6 am SGT (or 8 am ET to 5 pm ET, working hours in the East Coast) for most days of the week. Using the Instagram Insights, you can easily tell which are your top posts and stories based on impressions, reach, and engagement. Once you have sorted your top posts, do you notice any trends.

article today map

For instance, our giveaway posts tend to generate the most comments while user-generated landscape photos usually receive the most engagement. To drive more engagement, we can continue to post landscape photos from our community. For example, if most of your followers are females aged 35-44 who like to design, can you create content that resonates with them more than the rest of your followers.

You can also use your Instagram Stories data to improve your stories. Instagram Insights from the Instagram app provides data such as impressions, exits, and replies, which you can use to tell better stories. For example, our story on creating a custom graphic within Canva received more impressions than other recent stories, and our Instagram Stories takeover by HubSpot on productivity tips received more replies than other recent stories.

We can also dive into a particular story: Most people exited our video marketing stats story at the first photo so perhaps we could work on the headline for the next story. What does your Instagram Stories data tell you. Is there a type of stories that tends to do better than the rest. Is there a common point when most of your followers exit your stories.

Since Instagram allows only one link (in the bio), marketers would usually have a call-to-action (CTA) in their Instagram posts to direct followers to the link in their bio. You could change your CTA on a weekly basis and see if the number of website clicks increases. As a refresher, website clicks are the number of taps on the link in your bio.

Alternatively, you could use Bitly or similar link shorteners with tracking capabilities for the link in your bio to track the number of clicks. With the wealth of data available to us marketers through the numerous Instagram analytics tools, we can be more data-driven with our Instagram marketing than ever before. Combined with our understanding of our followers, these Instagram insights can enable us to create more valuable and engaging content for our audience.

How have you been measuring your Instagram metrics. How have you been using your Instagram insights to improve your Instagram marketing.

article today map

I swim, cycle, and run a lot. It is incredibly exhaustive. Analytics is always a hard nut to crack, and you never know every details. Have you ever tried Metricool. Metricool is a social media analytics tool. Let me know if we can help tracking your Instagram performance or building your social media insights reports.

Thank you for including Union Metrics free Instagram account checkup in this especially sharing your results. I just signed up for a few more analytics platforms based on your suggestions. There were times when I chanced upon an old Instagram post and the link in bio was no longer the one mentioned in that post (as it had been updated).

So this is great.

article today map

Thanks for sharing this tool. Curious if a spreadsheet might work for this. Another area for analytics and insights with Instagram (maybe future article. The Instagram API is somewhat limited in the the type of insights data available. For example, Instagram does not provide reach or any type of date dimension for its API data. Data via the API is effectively lifetime metrics.

Anyone other than Instagram providing detailed daily metrics is deriving activity, not explicity pulling activity for a specific date from the API. Hopefully Instagram will be updating the API to provide more explicit insights data. Something closer to what Facebook does for page insights would be great.


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